The real story on the wine History

Long long time ago ……
There ones was a camel with a knapsack,
With a bag of grapes on his back
The camel fell over a little piece of wire .
Tired of the journey and the water hè desired.
With all his weight he fell asleep on the bag of berry’s.
Little did he know, the miracle he carried.

Crunched and squished running like a little river.
To a town nearby, where the people only could shiver.
After 10 days the camel woke up .
He followed the trail of grapes dried up.
All the juices of the crapes ran into a
And this all happend natural.

And so for 10 days they started fermenting.
1 had a drink and immediately started dancing.
2 now started drinking and couldn’t not stop singing.
3 started drinking and said,”I can’t feel a thing!!’

So the town that ones was shivering,
is now a place where people are laughing.

A little journey of a grape that tastes so fine!
‘I think’ they said , ‘we are going to call it, Wine.

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